Deep Venture DAO

Cosma Thesis

Most deep-tech projects, especially in the space industry, have long a long path to Go-To-Market and require a lot of upfront capital in early stage research and specialized hardware requirements.

Institutional investors typically avoid pre-revenue deep-tech startups due to the high risk and long time to ROI, creating a global funding gap in research and development for space technologies.

Traditional crowdfunding mechanisms are not providing enough large-scale funding streams for spacetech startups and communities.


We incubate DeSci DAOs that are tailored to various aspects of space science and engineering. These DAOs operate autonomously, with governance and funding decisions made by community consensus. This structure ensures that the most promising and innovative ideas receive the support they need to develop.

Through the incubated DAOs, we channel resources and funding towards cutting-edge research projects in space technology. These projects could range from developing decentralized satellite communication networks to funding mechanisms for space research.

Industry Focus

Our Space DAO Incubator fosters a collaborative ecosystem where researchers, technologists, and founders come together to share ideas, resources, and findings. This community-driven approach not only accelerates innovation but also ensures that developments in space technology are accessible and beneficial to a broader audience.

Decentralized Space Acceleration

DeepVenture DAO aims to break down the traditional barriers to entry in the space industry

The incubator facilitates rapid innovation by providing resources, mentorship, and an environment where ideas can be developed and commercialized

Innovations in distributed space technology are not only incubated but also shared widely and effectively

Our Sp/Acc Network

Space DAO Incubation

Advanced Consensus mechanisms for traditional R&D decision-making that is missing quick adaptation to market and technological dynamics

Key performance indicators (KPIs) for ongoing projects to ensure they meet predefined milestones before additional funding is disbursed with AI risk assessments

Projects will create tokens that represent a stake in the explored Intellectual Property providing a liquidity mechanism for investors and enabling funding for researchers

Accelerate Deep Insights

Analyzing open data, including satellite imagery, academic papers, patents, and industry reports enables us to identify emerging trends faster, potential technological synergies better, and fill gaps in the current market environment.

We develop clear, detailed use cases that demonstrate the feasibility, market potential, and ROI of new technologies.

New intellectual property developed through our incubator is tokenized, creating digital assets that represent ownership or stakes in the intellectual property.

With the additional integration of cutting-edge research for knowledge transfer in open science we supercharge new projects with a scientific launchpad, ensuring that the most important resources and data are utilized effectively across the program.

These efforts result in the formation of robust technology collectives that are built on a foundation of collaborative, open-source research and community-backed funding. The members benefit from shorter development cycles and community-tested use cases.


Imagine open hardware ecosystems where designs are shared under open-source licenses, allowing for global collaboration and improvement in Decentralized Physical Infrastructure.

We're working on IP licensing models that allow for both commercial exploitation and non-commercial use, ensuring that inventors are rewarded while also promoting widespread technology adoption.

We're also utilizing platforms such as Gitcoin Grants to run campaigns for  decentralized space and hardware projects, allowing the broader community to directly support initiatives they believe in.

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